Indian Meditation Room
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    Indian Meditation Room at the Bergknappenhof

    What’s the drum journey?

    Make yourself comfortable in our protected room which is traditionally smoked with sage and sweet grass.

    Carried away by the sound of a drum we are slipping into a state of deep relaxation and our mind travels away on a guided journey.

    Every shamanic drum has two different tonal sounds. The deep “earth tone” relaxes the body and musculature. Similar to the singing bowls the body starts vibrating on the same frequency of this deep tone causing a deep relaxation.

    The higher „overtone“ carries the thoughts and spirit.

    If we follow this overtone our spirit has the ability to move above the “fixed point of perception” onto the “second reality” which frees up troubling thoughts and blockages of the mind and “Qi” – life energy - can flow again naturally. Through this experience it is possible to bring back energy, power and recovery to your body but also solve psychological and spiritual blockages.

    The first part of the relaxation journey is guided while the second part allows for you mind to travel freely. The hour comes to an end by being guided back collectively and breathing exercises.

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